RV Towing & Suspension

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5th Wheel Lube Disc - 10"W - White

Husky 5th Wheel Lube Disc offers heavy duty plastic construction designed to lubricate pin without using grease.  Colour:...

$12.88 $7.95
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5th Wheel Lube Disc - 12"W - Black

Eaz-Lift 5th Wheel Lube Disc features high density plastic to cushion vibrations and help protect your pin against friction and wear. .

$18.88 $14.95
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Brake Control - Activator - 1 To 2 Axles

Activator Brake Control offers a time-actuated design with LED lights and manual slide adjustment ideal for 1 to 2 axle trailers....

$89.88 $66.95
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Brake Control - Activator IV - 1 To 4 Axles

Activator IV Brake Control offers a time-actuated model with digital display and up front push button controls ideal for 1 to 4 axle...

$161.88 $139.95
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Brake Control - BrakeBuddy Select II - Dual Braking Technology

BrakeBuddy Select II offers a portable auxiliary braking system that provides dual mode technology and features interactive remote control..

$2,798.88 $1,999.95
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Brake Control - Brakeman Compact - 1 To 2 Axles

Brakeman Compact Brake Control features time-actuated braking technology with LED indicators and slide adjustment output control ideal.

$79.88 $61.95
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Brake Control - Patriot II - Tow Vehicle - Portable

Patriot II offers a portable electric braking system that operates from the comfort of the driver's seat of your motorhome. Features:...

$2,267.88 $1,899.95
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Brake Control - Pilot - 1 To 3 Axles

Pilot Brake Control offers proportional braking design with digital display and microprocessor that allows for mounting at any...

$161.88 $128.95
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Brake Control - Primus IQ - 1 To 3 Axles

Primus IQ Brake Control offers proportional braking design with digital display and push-button controls ideal for 1 to 3 axle...

$161.88 $129.95
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Brake Control - Prodigy P2 - 1 To 4 Axles

Prodigy P2 Brake Control offers proportional braking with digital display and and push button controls ideal for 1 to 4 axle trailers. Features:.

$209.88 $179.95
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Brake Control - Prodigy P3 - 1 To 4 Axles

Prodigy P3 Brake Control offers proportional braking with multiple colour display options and push-button controls ideal for 1 to 4 axle...

$269.88 $229.95
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Brake Control - Voyager - 1 To 4 Axles

Voyager Brake Control offers proportional braking with LED indicators and a broad-range front control ideal for 1 to 4 axle trailers. Features: Plug..

$129.88 $99.95
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Brake Control Storage Bag - Patriot - Vinyl - Black

Blue Ox Storage Bag features vinyl material designed to protect your Patriot braking system. Colour: Black Limited 90-Day...

$64.88 $49.95
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Breakaway Battery Charger - 12 Volts

Tekonsha Breakaway Battery Charger offers a temperature compensated multi-stage charger that's designed to fit securely in to...

$41.88 $29.95
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Breakaway Switch - 48 Inch Cable

Tekonsha Breakaway Switch offers protection by setting trailer brakes in situations when your trailer accidentally parts from tow...

$18.88 $14.95
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