Towing & Suspension

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3 Ball Hitch Bar - Solid Shank

3 Ball Hitch Bar makes towing multiple trailers easy by having all ball sizes on one bar.  Ratings: 1-7/8" Ball: 200 lbs. (2000...

$149.88 $109.95
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5th Wheel Lube Disc - Black

5th Wheel Lube Disc cushions vibrations and helps protect your 5th Wheel pin against friction and wear.  Colour: Black Width: 12 Inches...

$18.88 $14.95
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5th Wheel Lube Disc - White

5th Wheel Lube Disc is a heavy duty disc designed to lubricate without using grease.  Fits: 2-7/8" Pin Colour: White Dimensions:..

$12.88 $9.95
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Base Rail Kit - Universal Fit - 10 Bolt Design

Base Rail Kit is designed for universal fit applications where 10-bolt base rails are required.  Requires...

$138.88 $72.95
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Base Rail Kit - Universal Fit - 4 Bolt Design

Base Rail Kit is designed for universal fit applications where 4-bolt base rails are required.  Requires Drilling For...

$167.88 $86.95
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Brake Control - Activator - 1 To 2 Axles

Brake Control the Activator is designed to apply brakes for smooth, proportional braking when towing. Fits: Designed For 1-2...

$139.88 $62.95
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Brake Control - Activator IV - 1 To 4 Axles

Brake Control the Activator IV is designed to apply brakes for smooth proportional braking when towing.  Fits: 1 To 4 Axle...

$161.88 $139.95
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Brake Control - Brakeman Compact - 1 To 2 Axles

Brake Control the Brakeman Compact has a small size and is designed with time actuated braking technology ideal...

$139.88 $57.95
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Brake Control - Pilot - 1 To 3 Axles

Brake Control offers a unique design that allows mounting in any direction.  Fits: 1-3 Axle Trailers Features: Plug And Play...

$161.88 $139.95
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Brake Control - Primus IQ - 1 To 3 Axles

Brake Controller the Primus IQ is a totally proportional and self-leveling model with boost feature that provides users the...

$161.88 $139.95
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Brake Control - Prodigy P2 - 1 To 4 Axles

Brake Control the Prodigy P2 applies power to the trailer brakes in proportion to the vehicle's deceleration. Fits: 1 - 4 Axle Trailers Features:.

$279.88 $209.95
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Brake Control - Prodigy P3 - 1 To 4 Axles

Brake Control the Prodigy P3 has multiple colour and contrast options with highly advanced easy-to-understand roadside diagnostics.  Fits: 1 To..

$326.88 $239.95
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Brake Control - Prodigy RF - 1 To 3 Axles

Brake Control the Prodigy RF features wireless communication with remote hand control and LED display.  Fits: Up to 3 Axle...

$697.88 $489.95
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Brake Control - Voyager - 1 To 4 Axles

Brake Control the Voyager has an LED indicator that lets you know when you have connection and changes to colour red as brakes are applied. ...

$150.88 $99.95
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BrakeBuddy Storage Bag

BrakeBuddy Storage Bag is a durable canvas case designed with padded walls and carry straps. Manufacture Model Number 39324

$102.88 $69.95
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Breakaway Switch

Breakaway Switch is designed for situations when your trailer accidentally parts from the tow vehicle. Features: Metal Pin That...

$18.88 $12.95
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Bumper Receiver Adapter

Bumper Receiver Adapter turns your RV bumper into a 2-inch hitch style receiver. Fits: 4" - 4.5" Continuously Welded Steel...

$146.88 $91.95
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Gooseneck Hitch Adapter

Gooseneck Hitch Adapter provides enhanced tow-ability without having a large hitch taking up your truck bed.  Fits: Converts Most Standard..

$893.88 $639.95
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Helper Coil Spring - 500 T0 1000 Pounds

Helper Coil Spring the Coil-Rite is a replacement spring cylinder designed for Firestone Air Helper Spring Kit (W23-760-4100). ...

$118.88 $79.95
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Helper Spring Kit - Load Lifter 5000

Helper Spring Kit the Load Lifter 5000 is designed to help support larger loads providing a stable, safe ride. Compressor is sold separately....

$823.88 $599.95
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