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Battery Charge Controller - Iota DLS Series 4-Stage Battery Charge Controller

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IOTA provide plug and play automatic 4-stage smart charge controllers that maintain RV batteries during storage.


Includes (1) 4-Stage Battery Charge Controller For DLS-Series Converters

Provides Bulk, Absorption, Float And Maintenance For Lead Acid Batteries

Bulk Stage Allows Batteries To Be Charged From Full Rated Output Of Charger (Reduces Overall Charging Time)

Absorbtion Stage Activates After Bulk Stage For 8 Hours To Ensure Battery Receives A Complete Charge

Float Stage Reduces DLS Charge Voltage Minimizing Battery Gassing (Prevents Boiling Caused When Battery Is Exposed To Higher Charging Voltages For Too Long)

Maintenance Mode Activates If Batteries Remain In Float Stage For Durations Past Seven Days (Protects Life Of Battery By Dissolving Any Sulfate Layer)

Flashing LED Indicates Current Charging Stage

Easy Installation

12 To 48 Volts DC

2.6"L x 1.3"W x 0.7"H Actual Dimensions

Limited 2-Year Manufacture Warranty


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