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Battery Charger - Noco Genius 10A Battery Charger For 6V & 12V Batteries

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Noco offer fully-automatic battery chargers that restore 6-volt and 12-volt batteries to their original capacity.


Includes 1 Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer And Battery Desulfator

Ideal For 6V And 12V Lead-Acid Automotive, Marine, And Deep-Cycle Batteries Including Flooded, Gel, AGM And Maintenance-Free Plus Lithium-Ion Batteries

Integrated Thermal Sensor Detects Ambient Temperatures To Eliminate Under And Over Charging

Charges Dead Batteries With A Minimum of 1-Volt Or Use Force Mode That Allows You To Manually Charge Dead Batteries With Zero Volts

Fully Automatic Charger Simply Plug-In And Connect Battery To Charger And Select Charge Mode

Detects Sulfation And Acid-Stratification To Restore Performance

Compatible With Vehicle, RV, Tractor, Lawnmower And Sport Batteries (All Types)

10 Amp

7.1"L x 3.6"W x 2.3"H Actual Dimensions

Limited 3-Year Manufacture Warranty



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