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Battery Charger - Noco - Genius10 - 6V & 12V Batteries - 10A

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Noco provide Genius10 battery chargers that restore 6V DC and 12V DC batteries to their original capacity.


Includes 1 Genius 10 Battery Charger That's Fully-Automatic 

Compatible With Deep-Cycle Batteries Including Flooded, Gel, AGM And Maintenance-Free Plus Lithium-Ion Batteries

Ideal For Use With RV, Marine, Vehicle, RV, Tractor, Lawnmower And Sport Batteries 

Integrated Thermal Sensor Detects Ambient Temperatures To Eliminate Under And Over Charging

Charges Dead Batteries With A Minimum of 1-Volt Or Use Force Mode That Allows You To Manually Charge Dead Batteries With Zero Volts

Simply Plug In And Connect Battery To Charger And Select Charge Mode

Detects Sulfation And Acid-Stratification To Restore Performance

10 Amp Rating

7.1"L x 3.6"W x 2.3"H Actual Dimensions

Limited 3-Year Manufacture Warranty



We are Proud to Offer The Finest Battery Charger - Noco - Genius10 - 6V & 12V Batteries - 10A in Canada!

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